We have a team of accountants that offer a multitude of services which makes us one of the top CPA firms in the area.

Our services include:

  • Accounting, Auditing and Financial Reporting

    Financial statements are prepared in a timely manner and in a form that is easily understandable for our clients. We make every effort to ensure that financial statements are in compliance with all applicable reporting requirements. We strive to help make clients aware of their financial position and also suggest ways for them to improve internal control.

  • Business Accounting

    We help our clients by offering our professional advice to assist them in managing their businesses in a cost-efficient manner and help keep them in compliance with rules and regulations of the Federal, State and Local Governments.

  • Municipal Services

    The firm has extensive experience in auditing municipalities, school districts, retirement systems, municipal federal grants and water, sewer, and fire districts.

    Our professionals have experience in auditing federal grants and programs and are knowledgeable in the Single Audit Act process and the UMAS accounting system. Most of our audits are now in compliance with the new GASB 34 Reporting Model.

    The partners have developed cost-effective and efficient procedures through their extensive experience. They have provided training to clients to simplify and improve accounting records and internal controls. The firm members are aware of special procedures that must be followed when entities receive federal and state grants. We have prepared reports for the Single Audit Clearinghouse as well as the Department of Education and the United States Department of Agriculture. Also, we have audited the End-of-Year Pupil and Financial Reports for school districts and have helped many school districts in preparing this report to comply with government guidelines.

  • Non-Profit Audits, Reviews and Compilations

    We service non-profit clients and are experienced in working with volunteer organizations in preparing audits, reviews and compilations as well as tax preparation. As part of our engagements, we assist non-profits in making their organizations more proficient and offer advice in improving their systems of internal control.

  • Tax Preparation and Planning

    We offer both individual and corporate tax preparation services, and have helped many businesses to become incorporated. We keep an extensive library to assist our clients with the ever-changing tax code and with tax planning tools that will help individuals retain income and businesses attain profitability.

  • Town Accounting

    Our firm services three central Massachusetts towns in the role of Town Accountant. Thus, we are aware of problems facing towns and can relate to the difficulties sometimes involved in working for town governments.

    Our Tax Recapitulation Seminar last year attracted nearly 100 town clerks and treasurers, and was well received by the attendees.

  • Other Services

    • Preparation of the Schedule A and balance sheet reports
    • Preparation of the Management Discussion and Analysis
    • Maintenance of fixed asset inventories
    • Cash reconciliation policies and procedures
    • Advise on free cash and stabilization accounts
    • Assistance in operating and capital budget preparation
    • Setting up and maintaining enterprise accounts
    • Dealing with bond agencies and requirements
    • UMAS (Uniform Municipal Accounting Service) conversion assistance
    • Computer assistance and Technical Support services
    • Massachusetts School Building Authority audits
    • Student Activity Audits