Who We Are

Our firm is committed to be a top CPA firm in Massachusetts whose dedication to clients and employees is exemplary.

Our policy is to render personalized, competent and timely services. Our employees are extensively trained and evaluated on a regular basis. We have an excellent reputation when it comes to providing quality services throughout many years.

It is our goal to provide quality services, help our clients achieve greater productivity and strengthen management.

Although our company has grown, we remain small enough to know our clients and assist them in their needs on a regular and ongoing basis.

The firm maintains a continuing education program to improve staff skills, to keep members informed about the latest accounting and auditing developments and to comply with continuing education requirements.

The firm has had quality reviews performed by the federal government, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, and a private auditing firm who is a member of the American Society of Certified Public Accountants. Our reviewers have complimented us for our excellent attention to detail in our workpapers.

We have continued to grow by creating a firm our clients have come to trust and rely on to meet their ever changing needs.